Data Science Education

The platform, with its executable content delivery system, is a perfect place to learn any subject involving code, data and graphics, including programming, data science, engineering etc. Students can learn interactively by running code and instantly inspecting the results in their browser. Start learning now by browsing the educational contents.

Data Science Courses

Our vision vision and mission is to support Open Data Science, which is a movement that makes the open source tools of data science—data, analytics and computation—work together as a connected ecosystem. In order to support this mission we provide data science and R education to universities.

Data Science Consultancy

The PranaGEO team has extensive experience in building your modern R/D and commercial software products. We are excelled in data-driven web application development that run both on the cloud and on premises. Let us build together your next data-science powered information system.

Data Analytics

We will help you to extract, publish and share information from raw datasets using modern data analysis tools.

Enterprise-Grade Web Development

Multi-tenant web applications with industry-grade authentication, access control and security and scalability.

Cloud Native Software Architecture

We will design and implement your containerized microservices using the latest cloud technologies.

Custom IoT Solutions

Need a custom IoT solution with cloud backend and dashboard? Let us design and implement it together.